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dahliaOS Linux-Based build 201004

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dahliaOS Linux-Based build 201004

This build adds a new Settings app, and with it, a plethora of customization features, as well as an overhauled Window Manager! There are now two images, to ensure hardware compatibility, backwards and forwards!

Dual Images

Legacy (For VMs and older hardware), and EFI (For Intel Macs / most modern computers). If you are in doubt, the Legacy image should be compatible with most machines.

Pangolin Changes

Pangolin has been updated to commit 5ca4834741a636d7557cb472819bbf8196db8ddc

  • Added an all-new Settings application! You can now customize the system to your liking, configure networks, and more!
  • Fixed a visual bug where Quick Settings did not blur immediately
  • Added a wallpaper chooser to Settings
  • Added some neat new hover effects to certain UI elements to indicate an active state
  • Implemented Window Tiling! You can now use the arrows on the top of a window to fill certain positions, just tap the direction and drag it to the desired position!
  • The user experience is the same, but the Pangolin source has been cleaned up and reorganized!
  • Fixed logos within the Welcome app
  • Updated the Terminal experience, with a new shell prompt and a WIP interface for customization
  • A new set of wallpapers is now available, thanks to the wonderful @SincerelyFaust !

System Changes

  • Added an all-new image file for devices with EFI! The system can now boot on modern computers. For users with legacy machines or emulators, the classic Legacy image is still available.
  • After months of hard work, the system is now able to be installed! Just flash the image to a partition or drive of your choosing, and you are good to go! (Please note that currently there is no UI flow for installing, and the setup script is only for advanced users, this will change in future releases)
  • Added some basic networking utilities, to set up wireless networking (We can't seem to get this working, if you are able to, please let us know via our various social media!)
  • Added some basic utilities for sideloading containers, applications, and UI shells!

Known Issues

  • The launcher lags on emulators, Nvidia, and AMD hardware the first time it is opened. This is a known issue with the Flutter engine, due to the animation being processed in real-time rather than being precompiled.
  • Wireless networking is not yet available
  • On smaller displays, applications are condensed, sometimes not visible
  • When applying some settings, the system reboots entirely, rather than just X11. (If anyone knows how to automatically restart Pangolin without restarting the system, please help :) )

Other issues may be present, if you experience any that aren't listed here, please report them using our various social media!



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