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dahliaOS Linux-Based build 201215

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dahliaOS Linux-Based build 201215

This build updates the Files app, adds a new way to receive updates, enhances translations, and fixes quite a few old bugs!

Dual Images

Legacy (For VMs and older hardware), and EFI (For Intel Macs / most modern computers). If you are in doubt, the Legacy image should be compatible with most machines. It is highly recommended that you keep the EFI image zipped up unless your imaging software does not support ZIP files, as it has roughly 200MB of empty space allocated for persistent storage.

Pangolin Changes

Pangolin has been updated to commit f624938c1d8bf35c7033be89fb9c3d462f7f5bfd

  • Added a new Files app! You can now browse files and create folders with ease!
  • Added a new WIP Clock App, for managing timers and seeing the time
  • Modified the behavior for tiling windows, now just long-press on Maximize and drag the window to the area you want it to tile.
  • Added Arabic*, Swedish, Albanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Simplified Chinese*, Hindi*, Indonesian, Italian, Korean*, Norweigian, Punjabi*, Spanish, Turkish, Bosnian, and Portuguese
  • Added a Wireless Connection dialogue, access from within the Settings app or Quick Settings
  • Migrated translations backend to XML and Dart rather than JSON
  • Added a toggle for Developer Options
  • Revised Graft Layout (Functionality coming in future OTA)
  • Added UI for OTA updates
  • Fixed a bug where the system would restart instead of Pangolin when applying settings
  • Tweaked the appearance of Settings
  • Fixed a bug that caused applications to disappear on low-resolution displays

*See Known Issues for information on Language Bugs

System Changes

+Enabled Wireless networking for most devices (Macs are not yet supported, they require proprietary blobs)

  • Fixed a zero-day vulnerability in Freetype
  • Updated Buildroot to 201215
  • Migrated to Kernel 5.10.1
  • Added QEMU and LXC for Graft functionality
  • Added wireless-agent
  • Added OTA update tool
  • Fixed performance on NVIDIA cards
  • The system now scales automatically in Virtualbox

Known Issues

  • The system experiences slight lag in Virtual Machines and on AMD hardware.
  • On smaller displays, applications are condensed, sometimes not visible
  • Some non-Latin languages appear as boxes rather than respective characters

Other issues may be present, if you experience any that aren't listed here, please report them using our various social media!


Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

OTA Updates

OTA Updates

Graft App and Clock App

Graft App and Clock App

Version information and Settings

Version information and Settings


e8895f4f63f0cfc121eccde3ac768d3c dahliaOS-201215-legacy.iso

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