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  • Python PyPI

    Python PyPI

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  • Node.js NPM

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  • Node.js Yarn

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  • AWS ECR Public

    AWS ECR Public

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  • Google Container Registry

    Google Container Registry

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  • Quay


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  • Artifact Hub

    Artifact Hub

    Kubernetes package versions

  • SourceForge


    File versions

  • Debian GitLab

    Debian GitLab

    Project tags

  • Freedesktop GitLab

    Freedesktop GitLab

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  • GNOME GitLab

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  • Github Stars
  • Python requirements.txt
  • Java pom.xml
  • Go go.mod
  • NPM package.json
  • Yarn package.json
  • Ruby Gemfile
  • PHP composer.json
  • Rust Cargo.toml
  • a file with links to projects
Version filtering by
  • Regular expressions
  • Pre-release flag
  • Updated state
Organizations for collaboration
API for automation
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when you tell it
it will call
new version is out
to let you know

email or slack
or even both
notification will come
if you want

– Karolina
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