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pre-release3 years ago

New in 3.1 so far:

  • Improved performance by testing with large amounts of datasets.
  • Optimized performance by making --no-holds also not use holds on the target. (this is also more like expected behavior)
  • Fixed --ignore-transfer-errors
  • Added --no-thinning option. fixes #54
  • Cleaned-up and improved select-code.

Internal/development changes:

  • Split up classes into separate modules. Direct download no longer supported. (Use pip or easy_install from now on)
  • Huge cleanup of codestyle and other linter warnings. should be no functional changes.
  • Cleaned up git repository
  • Moved regression testing from Travis-CI to github actions.
  • Build and upload python package via github actions.


  • Fixed beta1 progress regression.

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