github psy0rz/zfs_autobackup v3.3-beta3

pre-release3 months ago

Some major changes in this version:

  • Mounting is now more consistent after initial dataset transfer: Previously newly received datasets would never be mounted. In this version a dataset will be mounted according to the same logic as a zfs mount -a. #112 Also see
  • Empty parent datasets that are created will now have canmount=off. Previously they would be created with on.
  • The guid of common snapshots is now checked, and mismatching ones can be destroyed by --destroy-incompatible. (#218)
  • --rollback is now only run at the start of an actual transfer. #217 (previously all target datasets where rolled back always when --rollback was specified)
  • Reduced verbosity and improved output.
  • A bunch of other bugfixes and improvements.

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