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yuzu mainline #863

3 years ago


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  • 47ccfab Merge pull request #2944 from lioncash/ast
  • f883cd4 video_core/control_flow: Eliminate variable shadowing warnings
  • 25702b6 video_core/control_flow: Eliminate pessimizing moves
  • d82b181 video_core/ast: Unindent most of IsFullyDecompiled() by one level
  • 6c41d1c video_core/ast: Make ShowCurrentState() take a string_view instead of std::string
  • 3c54eda video_core/ast: Eliminate variable shadowing warnings
  • 5a0a9c7 video_core/ast: Replace std::string with a constexpr std::string_view
  • 3a20d97 video_core/ast: Default the move constructor and assignment operator
  • 43503a6 video_core/{ast, expr}: Organize forward declaration
  • 50ad745 video_core/expr: Supply operator!= along with operator==
  • 8eb1398 video_core/{ast, expr}: Use std::move where applicable
  • 8e0c80f video_core/ast: Supply const accessors for data where applicable
  • 57fe7fd qt: Change titlebar formatting
  • 3d4a0b9 common: Add additional SCM revision fields
  • d45ad75 ci: Add version counter variable

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