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13 months ago


  • bcfe7aa "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • 7ce29ea Merge pull request #7262 from FernandoS27/Buffalo-buffalo-Buffalo-buffalo-buffalo
  • 43ba9db Merge pull request #7265 from Morph1984/gl-rasterizer-unused-include
  • 3d1f2bb Merge pull request #7268 from Morph1984/expected-resultval
  • cb09ea0 general: Remove MakeResult helpers
  • 98b3517 hle/result: Amend ResultVal documentation
  • 52e5292 hle/result: Reimplement ResultVal using Common::Expected
  • a41e9e9 common: Implement a subset of P0323 (std::expected)
  • 2d4bbd8 Shader Cahe: Fix Phi Nodes on GLASM.
  • 194579b ShaderCache: Fix Phi Nodes Type on OGL.
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  • d607cea gl_rasterizer: Remove unused includes
  • c50ad56 ShaderCache: Order Phi Arguments from farthest away to nearest.

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