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16 months ago


  • 1fa39fb "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • f183668 Merge pull request #6799 from ameerj/vp9-fixes
  • 156ea74 nvhost_nvdec_common: Remove BufferMap
  • e3688f0 vp9: Cleanup unused variables
  • a3f80a9 vp9: Fix reference frame refreshes
  • cc8ac11 nvhost_nvdec_common: Stub UnmapBuffer Ioctl
  • 42d8e08 Merge pull request #6822 from yzct12345/clion-assert
  • e1a92db Merge pull request #6813 from Morph1984/hex-string-to-uuid
  • 7e846be assert: Verify formatting
  • 346149d assert: Avoid empty macros
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  • a1cb453 Merge pull request #6819 from Morph1984/i-am-dumb
  • 9a7d2e3 Merge pull request #6818 from Morph1984/hex-util-bug
  • f10dc35 applet_swkbd: Include the null terminator in the buffer size calculation
  • 7b39215 hex_util: Fix incorrect array size in AsArray
  • edb9c72 Merge pull request #6816 from lat9nq/fix-mult-contrl
  • be16d92 config: Read connected setting for controllers
  • 705f111 common: uuid: Add hex string to UUID constructor

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