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19 months ago


  • 821874f "Merge Tagged PR 4836"
  • 9a3ec2d "Merge Tagged PR 5896"
  • 4c8c5ad Merge pull request #6234 from Morph1984/stub-am
  • 98fb36c Merge pull request #6235 from german77/ectx_aw
  • a02c468 glue: Add ectx:aw placeholder
  • 1acd807 Merge pull request #6230 from Morph1984/default-resource-size
  • f4610e7 Merge pull request #6227 from lioncash/meta
  • 04d9c27 ICommonStateGetter: Stub SetRequestExitToLibraryAppletAtExecuteNextProgramEnabled
  • 4cc8ab8 Merge pull request #6228 from lioncash/semi
  • 2e268ab Merge pull request #6229 from lioncash/unused-var
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  • 51c787b Merge pull request #6231 from lioncash/aes
  • 1c65b3e program_metadata: Set a default resource size when a NPDM is not present
  • 19bbded Merge pull request #6232 from lioncash/alias2
  • d363b2c emu_window: Return pair from ClipToTouchScreen() instead of tuple
  • 8805233 emu_window: unsigned -> u32
  • 9c5248d aes_util: Make use of std::span
  • 502f3ce acc/lbl: Remove unused variables
  • 29cd40b lm: Make use of insert_or_assign() in Log()
  • 5ba49f1 lm: Prevent redundant map lookups in Log()
  • 6e2040c lm: Resolve -Wextra-semi warning
  • ae93402 program_metadata: Explicitly specify copy/move functions
  • 80d74d7 Merge pull request #6225 from ameerj/unused-header
  • 5568fcf yuzu_cmd: Remove unused resource.h
  • cdce1ed Merge pull request #6224 from Morph1984/hid_InitializeSevenSixAxisSensor
  • d1e35a3 Merge pull request #6222 from lat9nq/ext-boost
  • ad55faa cmake: Download Boost if inadequate local version
  • 86278f5 service: hid: Get transfer memory for InitializeSevenSixAxisSensor
  • 607ff34 Merge pull request #6223 from lat9nq/ffmpeg-external-fixes
  • f0c2190 Merge pull request #6214 from Morph1984/time-fix-kirby-clash
  • 956b2bd cmake: Suppress SDL2 not found warning
  • ea78f9a cmake: Allow FFmpeg external usage and cleanup
  • 4cd6c3e Merge pull request #6219 from lioncash/log-erase
  • 8cdd86f Merge pull request #6218 from lioncash/tcache
  • 7083c5b Merge pull request #6207 from lat9nq/sdl-2.0.14
  • 6125590 log/backend: Use in-class initializer for FileBackend
  • aaaca1c log/backend: Make use of erase_if
  • 17b7f03 texture_cache/util: Fix src being used instead of dst within DeduceBlitImages
  • 8285776 time: Write buffer before pushing RESULT_SUCCESS in GetClockSnapshot
  • a223006 time: Fix GetClockSnapshotFromSystemClockContext
  • f973274 general: Ignore implicit-fallthrough for SDL.h
  • de69a52 cmake: Use SDL 2.0.14 and fix CMake scope issue

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