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4 months ago


  • eb14b2e "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • e1e1533 "Merge Tagged PR 8240"
  • 4ee7338 "Merge Tagged PR 8349"
  • 424b0bf "Merge Tagged PR 8542"
  • d2d7f16 "Merge Tagged PR 8545"
  • 5885e39 "Merge Tagged PR 8549"
  • d60b0e8 Merge pull request #8611 from liamwhite/fix-flatpak-crash
  • 58081a3 Merge pull request #8624 from lat9nq/vcpkg
  • 5b4bef1 gitmodules: Remove 'externals' from names of submodules
  • 265d1d6 ci,CMake: Integrate vcpkg into CMakeLists
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  • 4b93ea5 ci,CMake: Drop Conan support for vcpkg
  • 6e36f4d Merge pull request #8598 from Link4565/recv-dontwait
  • bcd0ca6 Merge pull request #8607 from lat9nq/sdl-2.0.20
  • 382b41b video_core: use correct byte size for framebuffer
  • f5964fe externals: Revert SDL2 to release-2.0.20
  • 912cae2 Enable the use of MSG_DONTWAIT flag on RecvImpl

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