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5 months ago


  • 7502125 "Merge Tagged PR 6598"
  • f071ca0 "Merge Tagged PR 7346"
  • bf11001 "Merge Tagged PR 8240"
  • 9d1de1a "Merge Tagged PR 8349"
  • f86b770 Merge pull request #8457 from liamwhite/kprocess-suspend
  • 0ae4eae Merge pull request #8460 from Morph1984/bounded-q
  • 2542999 bounded_threadsafe_queue: Use constexpr capacity and mask
  • 5ace5c1 Merge pull request #8317 from german77/notifa
  • 2351438 Merge pull request #8464 from liamwhite/break-debug
  • f117351 Merge pull request #8465 from Morph1984/why-msvc
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  • 4572634 vk_compute_pass: Explicitly cast to VkAccessFlags
  • 103997e Merge pull request #8383 from Morph1984/shadow-of-the-past
  • c9de547 Merge pull request #8462 from liamwhite/dynarmic-profile
  • a7358ff kernel: notify debugger on break SVC
  • 20eab9f core: centralize profile scope for Dynarmic
  • 7620e1a externals: Update cpp-httplib to latest
  • 0eeee43 main: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 888f499 kernel: implement KProcess suspension
  • c6e7ca5 Merge pull request #8461 from Morph1984/msvc-narrow-conv
  • a9b4dd0 Merge pull request #8434 from german77/uuid
  • 5568763 vk_compute_pass: Use VK_ACCESS_NONE
  • a3b12e3 Merge pull request #8439 from liamwhite/monkey-compiler
  • 742f021 wait_tree: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 95bcf6a configure_ringcon: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • e371961 configure_touch_from_button: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 5503338 configure_per_game: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • fe7184c configure_input_player: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 1c83014 configure_dialog: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 2d903e3 bootmanager: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • e29e8ee game_list: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • dc47d0f Merge pull request #8459 from Morph1984/wextra-gcc
  • 8b55f2c externals: microprofileui: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • fcfe192 vk_compute_pass: Silence Wextra warning
  • bd38aef kernel: fix passthrough of local captures in lambda
  • feaf010 common/assert: rework ASSERT handling to avoid std::function usage
  • ebecdd3 general: fix compilation on MinGW GCC 12
  • a29ddce common/assert: add unlikely
  • d115470 general: fix compilation on GCC 12
  • 6f59e26 kernel: ensure class token lambda exit is unreachable
  • 8fea7e5 kernel: fix inconsistency in AutoObjectTraits macro definitions
  • 58fea44 common: Don't test ASSERT conditions inline
  • 084d7d6 common: Change semantics of UNREACHABLE to unconditionally crash
  • 69d92a1 yuzu_cmd: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 8671aa8 audio_core: Remove -Werror=unused-parameter
  • efc89c0 CMakeLists: Make variable shadowing a compile-time error
  • d0328f4 externals: microprofile: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • c1bd602 common: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • b3d6f7b yuzu: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 12156b1 web_service: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 28877ce input_common: Replace usage of string guid to common uuid
  • cc6a4be service: notifa: Implement most part of this service

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