github xanmod/linux 6.1.1-xanmod1

11 months ago

0006b63 Linux 6.1.1-xanmod1
c87f3ec tcp: Add a sysctl to skip tcp collapse processing when the receive buffer is full
2327576 Merge pull request #327 from vjr/fix-asus-zenbook-um5302ta-sound
2e80ef7 Merge tag 'v6.1.1' into 6.1
ebdb69c Linux 6.1.1
1d1a710 KEYS: encrypted: fix key instantiation with user-provided data
e8d16a5 cifs: fix oops during encryption
4e45332 usb: dwc3: pci: Update PCIe device ID for USB3 controller on CPU sub-system for Raptor Lake
9222912 usb: typec: ucsi: Resume in separate work
c383c7c igb: Initialize mailbox message for VF reset
52d5896 staging: r8188eu: fix led register settings
c9cacc0 xhci: Apply XHCI_RESET_TO_DEFAULT quirk to ADL-N
c0d91ec ALSA: hda/realtek: fix mute/micmute LEDs for a HP ProBook
c0815ea USB: serial: f81534: fix division by zero on line-speed change
3c8b21e USB: serial: f81232: fix division by zero on line-speed change
736f626 USB: serial: cp210x: add Kamstrup RF sniffer PIDs
0b63d58 USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G modem
d1a92bb usb: gadget: uvc: Prevent buffer overflow in setup handler
2cd2e93 udf: Fix extending file within last block
1cd3e92 udf: Do not bother looking for prealloc extents if i_lenExtents matches i_size
12a88f5 udf: Fix preallocation discarding at indirect extent boundary
e6b01f6 udf: Discard preallocation before extending file with a hole
fb9b502 irqchip/ls-extirq: Fix endianness detection
18301e1 mips: ralink: mt7621: do not use kzalloc too early
ee11da2 mips: ralink: mt7621: soc queries and tests as functions
a1d9199 mips: ralink: mt7621: define MT7621_SYSC_BASE with __iomem
a4997ba PCI: mt7621: Add sentinel to quirks table
76c6303 libbpf: Fix uninitialized warning in btf_dump_dump_type_data
96c5043 x86/vdso: Conditionally export __vdso_sgx_enter_enclave()
b106d1e Fix sound on ASUS Zenbook UM5302TA

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