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1.0.0-beta6 (April 20, 2017)

New Features

  • You can now connect to a Room using an Array of MediaStreamTracks without
    constructing LocalAudioTracks or LocalVideoTracks. For example, if you
    already have a reference to a MediaStream, stream, you can call
  connect(token, { tracks: stream.getTracks() });
  • You can now call LocalParticipant's addTrack and removeTrack methods
    with a MediaStreamTrack. If successful, these methods return the LocalTrack
    added or removed; otherwise, they return null.

  • Added two new methods to LocalParticipant, addTracks and removeTracks, for
    adding and removing multiple LocalTracks at a time. These methods accept
    either an Array of LocalTracks or MediaStreamTracks, and return an Array of
    the LocalTracks added or removed. For example, if you already have a reference
    to a MediaStream, stream, you can call



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to remove a LocalTrack from the LocalParticipant
    after disconnecting from a Room threw an Error (JSDK-1233)
  • Fixed a regression between 1.0.0-beta4 and 1.0.0-beta5 where
    automatically-acquired LocalTracks were not stopped after disconnecting from
    the Room
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to media- and Track-related failures that
    resulting from the way we handle out-of-order SDP offers and answers; now,
    all PeerConnections will wait until an initial round of negotiation is
    complete before applying or creating subsequent offers (JSDK-1176)
  • Fixed a bug where calling cancel on the CancelablePromise returned by
    connect could throw an Error
  • Fixed a bug in the LocalAudioTrack and LocalVideoTrack constructors: options
    should have been optional (JSDK-1251)
  • Fixed a bug where Room's getStats method could reject if outbound statistics
    were missing in Firefox
  • Fixed a bug where Room's getStats method could reject if called after
    disconnecting from a Room in Firefox
  • Fixed a bug in our message retry logic that caused us to retry messages after
    disconnecting from a Room

Known Issues

  • Despite the addition of addTracks, adding multiple LocalTracks in quick
    succession is likely to cause media failures, and so it is recommended to

    • Stagger the addition or removal of LocalTracks, or
    • Use the enable and disable functionality in lieu of adding and removing

A solution has been identified and will be included in the next release.

  • There exists an interoperability issue between Firefox and other WebRTC
    implementations (including Chrome and Twilio's iOS and Android SDKs) that can
    cause media failures if Firefox does not share a LocalAudioTrack. If you are
    developing an application that will interoperate with Firefox, please ensure
    you always share a LocalAudioTrack until this issue is resolved. You can
    share a muted LocalAudioTrack by calling disable. For example,
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