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1.0.0-beta5 (March 20, 2017)

We are very close to releasing the 1.0.0 APIs. This release includes a number of
simplifications to the twilio-video APIs, namely

  • The Client class has been removed. Instead of constructing a Client using an
    Access Token and then calling connect on it, you can simply call connect
    and pass it an Access Token directly. For example,
  const { connect } = require('twilio-video');

  const room = await connect('your-token');

Or, if using browser globals,

  const room = await Twilio.Video.connect('your-token');
  • The Media and LocalMedia classes have been removed. Although the Media and
    LocalMedia classes provided some convenience methods for automatically
    attaching and detaching Tracks from the DOM as they were added and removed,
    these APIs got in the way whenever you wanted to do something more interesting
    with the Tracks. Therefore, the audioTracks and videoTracks collections as
    well as the addTrack and removeTrack methods have been moved up to the
    Participant and LocalParticipant levels. You should update your code to use
    the Track-level attach and detach APIs exclusively. For example,
  function handleParticipant(participant) {
    participant.on('trackAdded', addTrack);

  function addTrack(track) {
    const element = track.attach();
  • The getLocalMedia method has also been replaced with a new method,
    createLocalTracks. This method behaves like getLocalMedia did, except it
    returns an Array of LocalTracks.

  • The addMicrophone and addCamera methods from LocalMedia have been replaced
    with two new top-level methods, createLocalAudioTrack and

Refer to the API docs for more information.

New Features

  • LocalTracks now indicate whether or not they have stopped with the isStopped
    property. They also emit a new event, "stopped". LocalParticipant re-emits
    this event as "trackStopped".
  • LocalAudioTracks and LocalVideoTracks can now be constructed directly from
  • Updated the Track-level attach APIs to allow attaching both an AudioTrack
    and a VideoTrack to the same HTMLMediaElement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where twilio-video.js, when used in Firefox, would not raise a
    "trackAdded" event on a remote Participant if they added, removed, and added
    back the same Track
  • Fixed a bug where round-trip times reported by getStats were accidentally
    multiplied by 1000
  • Fixed a bug where certain identities with non-ASCII characters could not be
    used (for example, multiple ":" characters were causing failures)
  • Fixed a bug where minified builds of twilio-video.js could not be used on web
    pages that did not specify a charset
  • Fixed an EventEmitter leak in StateMachine that was warning in the console
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