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pre-release5 days ago

This release contains assets based on the v17.0-rc1 release.

Binaries that target arm64 architecture have the -arm64 suffix in their name.
All the other binaries target x86_64.

Release artifacts are signed with the following key: 0x7EAF9B150ACE940CF8C008A0BF847A85AC7BF43E.
You can check it on

Descriptions for binaries included in this release:

  • octez-client: CLI client for interacting with octez blockchain
  • octez-admin-client: Administration tool for the node
  • octez-node: Entry point for initializing, configuring and running a Octez node
  • octez-signer: A client to remotely sign operations or blocks
  • octez-codec: A client to decode and encode JSON
  • octez-baker-PtMumbai: Daemon for baking
  • octez-accuser-PtMumbai: Daemon for accusing
  • octez-smart-rollup-client-PtMumbai: Smart contract rollup CLI client for PtMumbai
  • octez-smart-rollup-node-PtMumbai: Tezos smart contract rollup node for PtMumbai
  • octez-baker-PtNairob: Daemon for baking
  • octez-accuser-PtNairob: Daemon for accusing
  • octez-smart-rollup-client-PtNairob: Smart contract rollup CLI client for PtNairob
  • octez-smart-rollup-node-PtNairob: Tezos smart contract rollup node for PtNairob

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