github phhusson/treble_experimentations v217
AOSP 10.0 v217

This release uses new gapps, so please beware that some things could be broken.

  • Add "disable A2DP offload" workaround in Treble Settings
  • Enable Xiaomi options on Redmi devices (Redmi Note 9S)
  • Fix Bluetooth on Redmi Note 9S, fingerprint-as-enter, and broken audio
  • Re-enable Gapps on 32bits targets
  • Enable Android Go gapps on all targets
  • Fix optical under-display fingerprint on Samsung devices (Galaxy A51, Galaxy A50, ...)
  • Add an option to expose all cameras on Samsung devices
  • Improve under-display fingerprint for Xiaomi devices running MIUI 12 vendor
  • Treble Settings' securize option now works on Magisk
  • Add an option to remove telephony service for WiFi-only devices
  • Add a workaround in Treble Settings for a bug on some devices where video recording is broken after some uptime
latest releases: v301, v300.m, v300.l...
pre-release9 months ago