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2021.6.0 (16 June 2021)


  1. Improved telemetry around the availability of pip for installation of Jupyter dependencies.
  2. Move the Jupyter extension from being a hard dependency to an optional one, and display an informational prompt if Jupyter commands try to be executed from the Start Page.
  3. Add an enumDescriptions key under the python.languageServer setting to describe all language server options.
  4. Ensure users upgrade to v0.2.0 of the torch-tb-profiler TensorBoard plugin to access jump-to-source functionality.
  5. Added python.defaultInterpreterPath setting at workspace level when in pythonDeprecatePythonPath experiment.
  6. Added default Interpreter path entry at the bottom of the interpreter list.
  7. Remove execution isolation script used to run tools.
  8. Show python.pythonPath deprecation prompt when in pythonDeprecatePythonPath experiment.
  9. Do not show safety prompt before auto-selecting a workspace interpreter.
  10. Assume workspace interpreters are safe to execute for discovery.


  1. Fixes a bug in the bandit linter where messages weren't being propagated to the editor.
    (thanks Anthony Shaw)
  2. Workaround existing MIME type misconfiguration on Windows preventing TensorBoard from loading when starting TensorBoard.
  3. Changed the version of npm to version 6 instead of 7 in the lockfile.
  4. Ensure selected interpreter doesn't change when the extension is starting up and in experiment.
  5. Fix issue with sys.prefix when getting environment details.
  6. Activate the extension when selecting the command Clear Internal Extension Cache (python.clearPersistentStorage).
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