github microsoft/vscode-python 2021.2.576481509

2021.2.0 (17 February 2021)


  1. Use Language Server Protocol to work with Jedi.


  1. Don't suggest insiders program nor show start page when in Codespaces.
  2. Fix description of Pyramid debug config.
    (thanks vvijayalakshmi21)
  3. Refactored the Enable Linting command to provide the user with a choice of "Enable" or "Disable" linting to make it more intuitive. (thanks henryboisdequin)
  4. Fix marketplace links in popups opening a non-browser VS Code instance in Codespaces.
  5. Fixed the error command suggested when attempting to use "debug tests" configuration
    (Thanks Shahzaib paracha)
  6. Single test run fails sometimes if there is an error in unrelated file imported during discovery.
    (thanks Szymon Janota)
  7. Re-enable localization on the start page. It was accidentally
    disabled in October when the Jupyter extension was split out.
  8. Ensure target environment is activated in the terminal when running install scripts.
  9. Allow support for using notebook APIs in the VS code stable build.

Code Health

  1. Raised the minimum required VS Code version to 1.51.
latest releases: 2021.7.1060902895, 2021.7.1053846006, 2021.7.1050252941...
5 months ago