github microsoft/OpenAPI.NET v1.0.0-beta016

  • Handle downcasting complex types in parameters for V2 export
  • Introduction of OpenApiValidatorError and OpenApiReaderError
  • Added RuleName to OpenApiValidatorError and removed ErrorReason
  • Schema default is now parses as OpenApiAny instead of OpenApiString and so preserves typing information
  • V2 Header objects now render schema properties correctly
  • Casing of enum values has been corrected
  • CollectionFormat is now serialized out in V2
  • Response bodies that have no schema are now rendered out and therefore correctly generate produces array in V2
  • ExternalDocs in Tags were not being parsed in either V2 or V3. This has been fixed.
latest releases: 1.3.0-preview, v1.2.4, 1.2.3...
pre-release3 years ago