github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.18.3-ls104

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 66bec102dbd6cd8317b78563aab09f3f3515f545 [Feature] Filter Meta Indexer by tag and by language (#11662). resolves #8884 resolves #7170 resolves #4787 resolves #2185
  • b07543bff61dce8b59bc58d99a45c817b45b7d79 xthor: misc enhancements (#11695)
  • 83c7028a955326495d25f65776b777337a204a92 cinematik: fix login. resolves #11470
  • 1a89baa9a1243e854867ed90715abeee992728d2 torrentqq: new domain
  • 75e2f22eb758d59768a5b779135a5218c9833dbc vsttorrents: new domain
  • 67ab3b8a1097187a3ff996bddfb52a17ebf7bc9a erairaws: add alternate site link
  • 2e7813ecfa977f0e19c90c26988630ad5ad2ace9 mejortorrent: add alternate site link

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