github knadh/listmonk v0.6.0-alpha

⚠️ Use release v0.6.1-alpha instead of this version (broken TLS support)


cb331b9 Merge branch 'master' of
abddcb9 Remove redundant SMTP LOGIN auth implementation
69d3e9b Fix JSON error on HTML form subscription
9d3ca35 Integrate new SMTP pool lib
1e61760 Merge pull request #104 from mr-karan/master
23faa9f fix: Remove root URI on frontend
e58b2fa Fix typo
f498cdd Add support for hosted messages and {{ MessageURL }} tpl tag.
3a9a2ef Refactor get-campaign to accept uuid + get body
6bba55f Remove 'campaignDone?' check that incorrectly ignored queued messages in a finishing campaign.
0abc1ae Merge pull request #86 from thejaswinipathi/patch-1
c93ba78 Changed on PR comment
56122c0 Merge pull request #80 from jaredfolkins/master
11c7c60 enhc: add plain text email body along with HTML, add option in config.toml

Docker images

  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:latest
  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:v0.6.0-alpha
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