github jbruchon/jdupes v1.51-jody5
fdupes-jody 1.51-jody5

Changes from 1.51-jody4-jkl1 to 1.51-jody5 [JLB]

  • Less malloc()s so less memory usage and a slight speedup
  • Change --order=name to an intelligent numerically correct sort
  • Fixed bug where progress text was missing until first update
  • Performance boost for small files (4KB or less) by not running
    redundant hashes and comparisons
  • Test files added for numerically correct sort ordering

Changes from 1.51-jody4 to 1.51-jody4-jkl1 [JKL]

  • added `--xsize=SIZE' option: exclude files of size < SIZE
  • updated Makefile: `PREFIX = /usr/local'
  • updated README: Usage to reflect curent parameters

Changes from 1.51-jody2 to 1.51-jody4 [JLB]

  • Add support for hard linking duplicates with -L switch
  • Updated jody_hash algorithm with much lower collision rate
  • Remove freopen() call that posed a portability problem
  • Improved progress indicator behavior
  • Many minor bug fixes
latest releases: v1.20.1, v1.20.0, v1.19.2...
6 years ago