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Files UWP v0.5.0-newui_snapshot2

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pre-release3 years ago

What's New:

  • Ensure v1903-Specific Features Aren't Attempted On Older Releases - This fixes a crash occuring on versions below 1903. Special thanks to the members of the community who helped me narrow this bug down. Also, I still remain committed to supporting v1803+

  • Took Advantage of UWP MostRecentlyUsedList for Recent Items - This method is far more efficient than the previous way, which required writing item paths to a file.

  • Fixed PhotoAlbum Layout Right Click and Selection Behavior - Right clicking a GridViewItem will display the context menu and allow for use of most commands. While I'm continuing my work to ensure consistency between the DataGrid and GridView commands when invoked, I am happy to announce this effort is nearing completion for both layouts. Meaning, we are coming very close to nailing the basics.

  • Removed Window Size on Application Startup - We now allow the shell to remember your window size preferences again.

  • Prevented a Crash When Inserting/Removing Certain Drives - You should see a decrease in unhandled exceptions when interacting with removable drives and their respective recent items entries.

Known Issues:
  • Snapshot Number Not Updated - For this snapshot, the version string in Settings > About was never updated to reflect the increase in snapshot number.

Thanks for your participation as we continue to grow and stabilize Files UWP. Keep the issue reports coming!

- Luke Blevins

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