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YouTube: 18.35.35
Music (arm64-v8a): 6.17.52
Music (arm-v7a): 6.17.52

Install Vanced MicroG or mMicroG to be able to use non-root YouTube or YouTube-Music

Main Repo

CLI: j-hc/revanced-cli-3.1.0-all.jar
Integrations: YT-Advanced/revanced-integrations-0.119.0.apk
Patches: YT-Advanced/revanced-patches-2.190.1.jar

2.190.1 (2023-09-09)


  • feat(youtube): add support version v18.35.xx
  • feat(youtube/hide-player-flyout-panel): Hide Caption footer YT-Advanced/YT-Advanced#111
  • fix(youtube/hide-player-flyout-panel): Not worked
  • fix(youtube/custom-playback-speed): Does not work on tablet devices
  • fix(youtube/custom-playback-speed): When user opens the sharing panel, the custom playback speed panel opens
  • fix(youtube/hide-layout-components): Custom filters are separated by commas instead of line-by-line
  • fix(youtube/hide-layout-components): Expandable chip under videos not hidden in related videos
  • fix(youtube/old-quality-layout): Does not work on tablet devices
  • fix(youtube/overlay-button): Overlay button not hidden when scrubbing seekbar YT-Advanced/YT-Advanced#7

YouTube Music

  • feat(music): Add enable-old-style-library-shelf patch
  • feat(music): Add enable-playback-speed patch
  • feat(music): Add hide-button-container-labels patch
  • feat(music): Add hide-emoji-picker patch
  • feat(music): Add hide-flyout-panel patch
  • feat(music): Add hide-radio-button patch
  • feat(music): Add hide-sample-button patch
  • feat(music): Add hide-tooltip-content patch
  • feat(music): Add hook-download-button patch
  • feat(music): Add remember-playback-speed patch
  • feat(music): Add return-youtube-dislike patch YT-Advanced/YT-Advanced#108
  • feat(music): Delete share-button-hook patch
  • feat(music): Remove decoding-patch that are no longer used
  • feat(music/amoled): Patch now applies the amoled theme to the comment input box as well
  • feat(music/enable-custom-filter): Separate filters by line instead of commas
  • feat(music/settings): Apply material style to alert dialog
  • feat(music/settings): Change some default value
  • feat(music/settings): Remove divider from settings
  • feat(music/settings): When installing for the first time, a reboot dialog is shown
  • feat(music/shared-resource-id): If the target resource ID is not found, empty index is returned instead of generating patch exception
  • feat(music/hide-get-premium): Patch now also hides the premium membership label in settings
  • fix(music/settings): Blank screen appears when text input dialog is shown
  • refactor(music/settings): Change settings structure

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