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CLI: revanced-cli-2.22.0-all.jar
Integrations: revanced-integrations-0.107.4.apk
Patches: revanced-patches-2.173.4.jar


  • feat(youtube): add hide-load-more-button patch
  • feat(youtube): add hide-seek-message patch
  • feat(youtube): add reboot dialog when installing for the first time
  • feat(youtube): use better patch descriptions
  • feat(youtube): remove dummy code
  • feat(youtube): remove WatchWhileActivity from dummy class
  • feat(youtube/custom-branding-icon-revancify): update monochrome icon
  • feat(youtube/hide-navigation-buttons): add Open library on app startup settings
  • feat(youtube/overlay-buttons): fix button size and padding
  • feat(youtube/patch-options): all patch options are now moved to the appropriate patch
  • feat(youtube/settings): change default values
  • feat(youtube/settings): add Open default app settings settings
  • fix(youtube/sponsorblock): unable to submit end of the video when submitting segment
  • fix(youtube/sponsorblock): vote button and new segment button do not disappear when end screen overlay appears
  • feat(youtube/custom-seekbar-color): change chapter seekbar color when quickly touching and seeking
  • feat(youtube/hide-get-premium): removed from patch list and dependent on hide-general-ads patch
  • feat(youtube/hide-breaking-news-shelf): detached from hide-general-ads patch
  • feat(youtube/translations): update translation
    Arabic, Bengali, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

YouTube Music

  • feat(music/patch-options): all patch options are now moved to the appropriate patch
  • feat(music/custom-branding-music-revancify): update monochrome icon
  • feat(music/music-translations): update translation
    Bengali, French, Indonesian, Japanese


  • Delete options.json manually as there are changes in options.json

※ Compatible ReVanced Manager: v0.0.57
[Crowdin translation]

App Versions:
YouTube: 18.16.39
YouTube-Music (arm64-v8a): 5.55.53
YouTube-Music (arm-v7a): 5.55.53

Install Vanced MicroG to be able to use non-root YouTube or YouTube-Music

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