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CLI: revanced-cli-2.21.0-all.jar
Integrations: revanced-integrations-0.107.1.apk
Patches: revanced-patches-2.173.1.jar


  • add custom-branding-icon-revancify-red patch
  • add custom-branding-icon-revancify-blue patch
  • add hide-live-chat-button patch (for old layout)
  • add hide-navigation-label patch inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#894
  • remove channel-whitelist patch inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#918
  • remove custom-branding-icon-manual patch (as it is not an ideal method)
  • remove custom-branding-icon-revancify patch
  • feat(custom-branding-icon-afn-red): change icon path
  • feat(custom-branding-icon-afn-blue): change icon path
  • feat(hide-navigation-buttons): combined hide-create-button, hide-home-button, hide-shorts-button, hide-subscriptions-button, switch-create-notification patches into one
  • feat(return-youtube-dislike): add support old layout
  • fix(custom-branding-icon-mmt): use better patch description
  • fix(hide-general-ads): Hide album card doesn't hide some album cards
  • fix(sponsorblock): skip button in wrong location when fullscreen and comments visible
  • refactor(settings): change default values
  • refactor(hide-player-button-background): apply better patch method
  • crowdin translation update
    Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

YouTube Music

  • add custom-branding-music-revancify-red patch
  • add custom-branding-music-revancify-blue patch
  • add custom-branding-music-name patch inotia00/ReVanced_Extended#921
  • feat(custom-branding-music-afn-red): change icon path
  • feat(custom-branding-music-afn-blue): change icon path
  • fix(custom-branding-music-mmt): use better patch description
  • fix(enable-black-navbar): cannot switch off when amoled patch is included
  • fix(share-button-hook): change the default downloader package name
  • remove custom-branding-music-revancify patch
  • remove custom-branding-music-manual patch (as it is not an ideal method)
  • crowdin translation update
    Brazilian, Indonesian, Korean


  • drop support for some YouTube versions

※ Compatible ReVanced Manager: v0.0.57
※ If you want to contribute to the translation, refer below

[Crowdin translation]

App Versions:
YouTube: 18.16.39
YouTube-Music (arm64-v8a): 5.55.53
YouTube-Music (arm-v7a): 5.55.53

Install Vanced MicroG to be able to use non-root YouTube or YouTube-Music

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