yarn babel-jest 27.0.5

latest releases: 28.1.0, 28.0.3, 28.0.2...
11 months ago


  • [@jest/fake-timers] Flush callbacks scheduled with requestAnimationFrame every 16ms when using legacy timers. (#11523)
  • [pretty-format] Use globalThis (with polyfill if required) to bring support for esbuild's browser bundling mode (#11569


  • [jest-core] Support special characters like @, + and () on Windows with --findRelatedTests (#11548)
  • [@jest/fake-timers] Do not add setImmediate and clearImmediate if they do not exist in the global environment (#11599)
  • [@jest/reporters] Allow node-notifier@10 as peer dependency (#11523)
  • [@jest/reporters] Update v8-to-istanbul (#11523)

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