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3 months ago

17.3.0-next.1 (2024-02-27)


Commit Description
perf - 707bfc9b32 AsyncPipe should not call markForCheck on subscription (#54554)


Commit Description
feat - 1a6beae8a2 Enable template pipeline by default. (#54571)


Commit Description
fix - 12dc4d074e account for as expression in docs extraction (#54414)
fix - f578889ca2 catch function instance properties in interpolated signal diagnostic (#54325)
fix - f04ecc0cda identify aliased initializer functions (#54480)
fix - f5c566c079 identify aliased initializer functions (#54609)


Commit Description
feat - 331b16efd2 add API to inject attributes on the host node (#54604)
feat - 974958913c support TypeScript 5.4 (#54414)
fix - dcb9deb363 collect providers from NgModules while rendering @defer block (#52881)
fix - ff40c9f762 fix typo in injectors.svg file (#54596)


Commit Description
fix - 71e0c7df69 resolve infinite loop for a single line element with a long tag name and angle bracket on a new line (#54588)

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