npm opentok 2.2.4
Release v2.2.4

This update adds the following changes:

  • Augmented test suite to include conditions where archive JSON contains new status 'expired' or unexpected properties.
  • Added support for HTTP/HTTPS proxies by adding a proxy key to the optional config parameter in the OpenTok constructor. This is useful inside tightly controlled (corporate) infrastructure where all HTTP traffic must be proxied. See: #41.
  • Added a default timeout of 20 seconds for HTTP requests. See: #51.
  • OpenTok instances now expose their API URL via the apiUrl property. This is useful when the API URL may have been set and/or the consumer would like to query the current value. See: #39.
  • The OpenTok constructor now throws errors when an invalid required property is provided (rather than returning an Error object). See: #38.
  • The opentok.createSession() method now throws errors when no callback is provided (rather than returning an Error object). See: #42.
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6 years ago