github typestack/routing-controllers 0.9.0-alpha.1


This is a release candidate containing several PRs merges with bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features.
Please, help with tests, leave comments and feedback on the respective issues, or open new ones if you find new issues.
We appreciate all the contributions and patience & understanding for the time it took to review issues/PRs and finally get the RC out.

# Change Type Change Description
#546 Documentation Add another example for using the response directly
#329 Feature Added a useResponseClassTransformer global option
#536 Feature Added support for wildcard all routes
#179 Feature Through #329, it should now be possible to use classTransformer only for input
#147 Feature Added support for controller inheritance
#543 Fix Fixed order of global interceptors
#438 Fix Fixed incorrect handling of rejected promises from Middleware.use()
#226 Fix Through #329, it should fix performance issue with big json result
#149 Fix Through #329, it should fix problem with mongoose model serialization
latest releases: v0.9.0, 0.9.0-alpha.6, 0.9.0-alpha.5...
pre-release9 months ago