github pinterf/mvtools 2.7.44
MvTools2 2.7.44 with depans.

MvTools2 + Depan + DepanEstimate

Change log
** 2.7.44 (20201214)**

  • MAnalyze: fix motion vector generation inconsistencies across multiple runs.
    Note: when internal multithreading is used (avstp + mt=true), inconsistencies will still occur by design.

** 2.7.43 (20200602)**

  • MCompensate: fix crash for GreyScale formats when overlap is used

** 2.7.42 (20200522)**

  • MDegrain family: limit and limitc to float, allowing more granurality for 10+ bit depth
  • Update Avisynth headers, use V8 interface frame property copy if available

For full changelog see documentation.

Bundled filters:
Depan: (20200522)
DepanEstimate: (20200522)
General support of 10-16 bit formats with Avisynth Plus (r2294 or newer recommended)

x86 and x64 builds
Windows XP is still supported, special DLLs with v141_xp toolset


latest release: 2.7.45
10 months ago