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BigBlueButton 2.3-beta-3

This 2.3-beta-3 release includes multiple bug fixes and stability improvements. The support for Microsoft Edge browser has been recovered; we thank those who pointed out the regression.

Special thanks to contributors @PhMemmel @hiroshisuga @znerol @hex-m @danimo @schrd @basisbit and others for helping with code contributions / comments / testing and proving feedback!

HTML5 client

  • Prevent users from sending private messages to offline user #11906
  • Fire layout rearrangement by toggling poll panel #11900
  • Reduce pad's hash size #11866
  • Fix: User can't join using microsoft edge #11868
  • Fix: Do not show unsupported browser warning for microsoft edge #11869
  • Changes showAllAvailableLocales settings default value #11885
  • Fix settings modal z-index #11886
  • Re-include offline users to the connection modal's users list #11847
  • Offline users' connection status improvements #11889
  • Fix unread message indicator remaining visible #11824
  • Fix unread notes being not shown in navbar #11890
  • Fix: audio device selector problem when using RTL locales #11904
  • Fix action button appearing over userlist and dropdown #11907
  • Hand raise button now reflects hand raised state #11773
  • Adding new function to clear all status #11910
  • Fix: dial-in users don't appear in participant's list #11912
  • Localized quick poll answers #11892
  • Removed memoryMonitoring from settings.yml #11914
  • Do not show real font-size in whiteboard text tool button #11928
  • Trigger layout rearrangement by quick poll button #11925
  • Fix user icons alignment for Microsoft Edge browser #11920
  • Remove old Edge specific code #11932
  • Makes presenter menu scrollable #11948
  • Remove recording button text on phones #11940
  • Fix Text Area's Not Opening IOS Virtual Keyboard #11945
  • Fix: when muted alert is active, can't click on 'Leave audio' #11950
  • Fix client crashing because users object is missing #11911
  • Remove bbb-html5-backend log when meeting handled by other backend #11954
  • Remove unused chat-related variables #11953
  • Fix new poll key warning #11951
  • Update order of presentation lists #11927
  • Formatting of PIN number within client #11963
  • Add missing Connection Status and Hand raising specs #11915



  • Remove unused FreeSWITCH modules from configuration #11864
    • Handle multiple default routes in bbb-conf #11905
  • Consider /etc/bigbluebutton/turn-stun-servers.xml overlay config file in bbb-conf #11934


  • Make timeout configurable and log timeout errors for conversions (Pdf2Svg and Office2Pdf) #11828

Packaging / configuration


  • switched from http to https in the template for /etc/bigbluebutton/

Shared notes:

  • Added Etherpad plugin ep_sticky_attributes to allow for new text input to respect the toggled formating options.
    npm install git+ Thanks @pedrobmarin and @alangecker
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