cpan App-cpanminus 0.99_04

latest releases: 1.7047, 1.7046, 1.7045...
pre-release14 years ago

  • Supported modules and packages without POD on
  • --look command now works on Win32 (charsbar, xaicron)
  • Improved the error message when configure fails (tokuhirom)
  • Supported modules with .tgz format archive (frew)
  • Supported older LWP < 5.828 (chocolateboy)

[Developer fixes]

  • Improved the way it checks configuration results (mst, confound, rjbs, LeoNerd)
  • Killed the automatic Build.PL stub generation because it doesn't work.
  • Support PERL_MB_OPT in the sanity check
  • Adds PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING to work with older Module::AutoInstall < 0.73 (Alias)
  • Changed the way plugins check api_version
  • Rewrote internals for the at_exit hook and removed Util:: functions (vincent, mst, ewhilhelm)

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