Slack notifications

NewReleases has a feature Slack application that enables notifications from projects you have chosen to track from many popular Open Source platforms, like GitHub, PyPI, NPM and Docker hub. Notifications are delivered as soon as a project that is tracked is updated, no longer than 30 mins after the new version is released. Filtering of pre-releases, updates and using regular expressions is possible.

How to turn it on?

In order to use the App you need to register and then to allow your NewReleases account to integrate with your Slack channel. You will be asked if you would like to enable Slack integration just after you finish the registration process, but you can enable it any time you want. Add to Slack button can be found on Slack Settings page, by clicking on the Settings link, located in page header when you login, and then on Slack link in the menu on left side of the Settings page. You will be redirected to the Slack page to select a channel. After a successful integration process, you will have a new option Slack me for every project that you track.

Required permissions

NewReleases Slack application requires only one permission and that is to post messages only to the channel that you selected. It requires no read access to you workspace or any of your personal data on Slack. NewReleases is not able to read any messages that are posted to the workspace or channel where it is enabled. All data received from Slack service will be treated as your private information described in our Privacy Policy and will not be shared with any third party services, organizations or individuals.


NewReleases Slack application will send messages only about new releases of the project that you configured with Slack notifications, a message when you enable the integration and one on integration removal. No other type of messages will be sent.


The proper way to remove Slack integration is from the same Settings page where you have enabled it. In this way both NewReleases and Slack are properly notified that the integration has been revoked. It is possible to enable and disable NewReleases Slack application unlimited number of times for any channel that you want.


If you encounter any problems, please contact us using the contact page. We will respond as soon as possible, up to one working day, but usually much sooner.