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v1.7.0 RC1
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Bug Fixes

  • #1004: fix maxOptions=1 within optgroups
  • #989: fix close button when data-header is enabled
  • #830, #961, #934, #962, #1008: fix keyboard navigation
  • #799: fix data-size=“auto” when scrolled to bottom of page

New Features

  • #699: Events have been added
    •,,, and
      all have a relatedTarget property, whose value is the toggling anchor
    • passes through event, clickedIndex, newValue,
      oldValue. true if selected and false if not selected.
  • #888, #738: Show “title” when using a non-multiple select
    • A blank option is prepended to the select, which is then selected by
      default. This allows the title to be shown when the select is initially
      loaded and “no” options are selected yet.
pre-release5 years ago