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Bug Fixes

  • #2022: selected class is not removed properly when virtualScroll is disabled and choosing options at the bottom of the select
  • #2106: setting BootstrapVersion option still shows console warning
  • #2126: setting show-tick class doesn’t work
  • #2232: Every ‘refresh’ appends a new span.check-mark
  • #2233: server-side error: HTMLSelectElement is not defined
  • #2234: position bootstrap-select behind input field
  • #2235: Mobile native menu not accessible
  • #2236: JS errors are thrown when using bootstrap select on js-generated select (after calling destroy())
  • #2239: Setting styleBase and empty style result in exception
  • #2244: val() method fires, but the select’s previousValue is not passed through
  • #2245: some default Bootstrap 4 styles are not being set when using BootstrapVersion
  • #2248: width: fit in IE collapses button with text overflowing

Compare this release with the previous one.

15 months ago