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Bug Fixes

  • #1321: remove extra files from bower release
  • #1665: performance improvements
  • #1832: use on and trigger event handlers instead of click and change shorthand
  • #2078: Elements in an input group below a selectpicker have a higher z-index, causing them to appear above the opened menu
  • #2150: Live search discards the first typed character
  • #2163: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined (ensure container exists)
  • #2166: Sub options display separately instead of as 1 list
  • #2187: move bulk of logic into a setTimeout for faster page load
  • #2189: Empty select refresh error “Cannot read property ‘classList’ of undefined”
  • #2198: “Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined” when dropupAuto is false and the select is at the bottom of the page
  • #2199: Escaped tags parsed as non-escaped in title and data-content
  • #2202: always update menu size after updates to live search
  • #2206: Map file for minified js version does not work correctly
  • #2210: An extra divider is added if an optgroup is the last visible element and there are hidden options after it
  • #2217: The bottom divider of an optgroup disappears when searching and one of the options in the optgroup is hidden


  • #2199: Fixed an XSS vulnerability with data-content, data-subtext, and title options. Implemented a new HTML sanitizer for data-content.

Compare this release with the previous one.

16 months ago