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Bug Fixes

  • #1999: selected styling removed from previous option in a multiselect
  • #2024: Arrow down key doesn’t scroll the view to the top when virtualScroll is disabled
  • #2027: data-max-options=“1” not removing selected class
  • #2029: LiveSearch and “Select All” selects too many options
  • #2033: Dividers broken on bootstrap 4
  • #2035: Selectbox with live search throwing error when UP/DOWN key is pressed
  • #2038: Select / Deselect All buttons are modifying disabled options
  • #2044: When data-container is set, first click resets scroll position
  • #2045: ‘auto’ width not working
  • #2047: Optgroup labels are escaped
  • #2058: Menu hight is not properly calculated when using data-size and styling the options’ height
  • #2079: Subtext is difficult to read on active options

New Features

  • #1972: add option to manually specify Bootstrap’s version
  • #2036: Add support for Bootstrap dropdown’s display property added in v4.1.0

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22 months ago