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Bug Fixes

  • #1342: Bootstrap select doesn’t send field data on form submit (set form attribute on select element to fix)
  • #2402: In Internet Explorer, with liveSearchPlaceholder enabled, can’t select option while searchBox is focused. Also, selected option doesn’t get scrolled to when opening menu
  • #2464: title attribute does not work in 1.13.17 (Safari)
  • #2469: Shift-Tab key not working in 1.13.17
  • #2474: With multiple selects, cannot select options with keyboard after using mouse to select options
  • #2483: Dropdown with unselectable index 0 will not scroll to top on arrow_down with last index selected
  • #2491: remove placeholder/title option when destroying selectpicker

Compare this release with the previous one.

17 days ago