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Bug Fixes

  • #1219: Keyboard navigation not working when searching and virtualScroll is false
  • #2109: elements with .form-control class don’t adjust height properly since Bootstrap 4.1.3
  • #2126: showTick option not working as expected
  • #2153: Screen reader doesn’t read elements in expanded list (NVDA and JAWS)
  • #2251: A standard select with a selected option doesn’t scroll to the selected option if inside an optgroup
  • #2253: hideDisabled and selectedTextFormat: count not working correctly if disabled options are selected
  • #2256: selected option styling is not updated if .selectpicker(‘val’, x) is called while dropdown menu is open
  • #2258: menu size doesn’t update when virtualScroll is disabled while the menu is open

Compare this release with the previous one.

14 months ago