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The highlight of this update is the support of virtualization. The options are generated on-the-fly to dramatically improve loading performance of selects (both large and small). In addition, search performance has also seen a drastic improvement (search is now instant, whereas it might have taken more than a few seconds before for a large select). The markup has been rewritten with performance in mind and paves the way for the ability to add/load options dynamically.

I’ll add the option to disable virtualization prior to the full release of v1.13.0, but for now that’s the main thing I want to ensure works properly, so I’m leaving it enabled by default for this first alpha.

Bug Fixes

  • #1303: val() method doesn’t fire
  • #1383: Croatian locale is not cro_CRO. Renamed to hr_HR
  • #1395: title option position not correct when adding options dynamically
  • #1398: trigger setSize on refresh event
  • #1674: Fix li tags inside option being treated as options
  • #1692: Live Search Box Not Cleared After Selection

New Features

  • #710: focus on selectpicker triggers focus on actual select, allowing for event listeners
  • #1110: ‘active’ class is only applied when liveSearch is on
  • #1229: Large lists and virtualization
  • #1687: Improve init performance

Compare this release with the previous one.

pre-release2 years ago