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Bug Fixes

  • #2060: form control sizing classes not working
  • fix sass variable syntax
  • #2062: popper error when bootstrap-select is in a navbar
  • #1913:   causing formatting errors on MacOS
  • #2061: unnecessary caret code with Bootstrap 4
  • #2065: .empty() method is not working
  • #2063: New-lines in options cause formatting issues with title attribute (if multiple options selected)
  • #2064: Purely numeric data-subtext breaks live search
  • #2066: Button padding when using data-width=“fit” is incorrect
  • #2067: input group addons not displaying properly
  • #2077: selectAll performance in Edge is abysmal
  • #2074: show-menu-arrow not displaying properly
  • #2068: Bootstrap 4 validation pseudo classes not being applied properly when new options are appended dynamically
  • #2070: popover-title is not popover-header in Bootstrap 4
  • #2075: liveSearch with data-content not working
  • #2072: Button text breaks to the next line when using form-control as styleBase (Bootstrap 4)
  • #2069: Placeholder text is unreadable on darker buttons (btn-primary, btn-success, etc.)
  • #1691: XSS vulnerability in option title

New Features

  • #1404, #1697: now passes through previousValue as the third parameter (instead of the previous value of the option, which was redundant). This is the value of the select prior to being changed.
  • update jQuery range to make v1.9.1 the minimum (and exclude version 4)

Compare this release with the previous one.

22 months ago