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nnn v3.2
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Note: Please update your existing plugins when upgrading to nnn v3.2.

  • [x] an official logo
  • [x] previews
    • config NNN_FIFO to write hovered file paths a previewer can read
    • plugin preview-tabbed: tabbed/xembed based file previewer
    • plugin preview-tui: simple TUI file previewer in tmux/xterm
    • plugin preview-kitty: preview using kitty terminal’s capabilities
    • live preview configuration example
  • [x] find & list
    • send list of files from (cmd run as) plugin to nnn
    • plugin finder: find/fd/fzf/grep/ripgrep/fzf (in subtree) and list in nnn
    • Right or l on symlink in list dir takes to target file
  • [x] persistent session option -S [for disk usage, run nnn -T d (see help)]
  • [x] hover on the file when a file path is passed as positional argument
  • [x] go to first file or match with (followed by or char)
  • [x] config NNN_SEL to specify custom selection file
  • [x] config NNN_LOCKER to specify locker program
  • [x] dim file details in detail mode
  • [x] call chdir() on directory change
  • [x] option -l: number of lines to move on mouse scroll
  • [x] graphical keybind map
  • [x] let NNN_COLORS override NO_COLOR
  • [x] plugins
    • option -P: run plugin by key at start
    • run plugins with Alt+key
    • allow NNN_PIPE usage by commands run as plugin
    • input format to NNN_PIPE: <ctxcode><opcode><data> (see plugins doc)
    • set ctxcode to + for smart context usage (next inactive, else current)
    • getplugs to fetch plugins by installed version of nnn
    • plugin mimelist: list files by mime type in subtree
    • plugin bookmarks: named bookmarks using symlinks
    • plugin nbak: backup nnn config
    • nuke adds lowdown as alternative markdown viewer
    • several plugin improvements
  • [x] fix broken screen on resize (see #520)
  • [x] fix broken version sort (see #550)
  • [x] fix list and pipe modes not working together
  • [x] fix multiple issues with listing files
  • [x] fix @ shown in detail mode for symlink to dir
  • [x] fix listing files directly under /
  • [x] move to -std=c11

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