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nnn v3.1
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nnn turns 3 today. Happy Birthday! 🍰

What’s in?

  • unlimited bookmarks and plugin keys
  • status bar text in context color
  • support config NO_COLOR to disable colors
  • config NNN_OPTS to specify binary options to nnn
  • config NNN_MCLICK to emulate configurable key
  • toggle selection on right click
  • ignore hard links when calculating disk usage
  • dim (hard/sym) link names (symlink to file has @)
  • more special keys at empty filter prompt in type-to-nav
  • key > to export file list
  • option -F to show fortune in help and settings screen
  • option -T to specify sort order (obsoletes -v)
  • option to clear sort order
  • key T to change time type (access/change/mod)
  • .nmv - internal fully-functional batch renamer plugin
  • make var O_NOBATCH to disable native batch renamer
  • nuke & imgview - open all images in directory sxiv
  • nuke - open log files in vi
  • plugin x2sel - system clipboard to selection copier
  • plugin fzy - cd using z database
  • plugin fzopen - support FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND
  • create new context on TAB without prompt
  • hover and connect by dir name (within config dir)
  • move to next entry on current file delete
  • on single file copy/move, select the copied/moved file
  • option -f to to use readline history file (off by default)
  • use s in status bar to indicate selection in progress
  • make var O_NOMOUSE to disable mouse support
  • do not store NNN_TRASH and -Q in config/session
  • add sample .desktop file for XDG compatible DEs
  • rename nav-as-you-type to type-to-nav mode
  • fix PCRE case-insensitive regex search
  • fix no error msg when filter length limit exceeded
  • fix static package generation
  • fix broken abort message when started in du-mode
  • fix filter lost on context switch in non type-to-nav mode
  • fix broken readline prompt
  • fix long strings treated as action keys in filter prompt
  • fix NNNLVL not reset when spawned shell is exited
3 months ago