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nnn v2.8
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What’s in?

  • sessions (thanks @annagrram)
  • rclone support for remote access (mount any cloud storage!!!)
  • toggle selection with Space or ^J
  • ignore events during selection so the + symbol is not lost
  • run custom (non-shell-interpreted) commands like plugins
  • configure cd-on-quit as the default behaviour
  • create parent dirs for new files and dirs, duplicate a file/dir anywhere
  • copy/move as workflow (thanks @KlzXS)
  • edit , flush selection buffer (thanks @KlzXS)
  • support xargs with minimal options (as in BusyBox) (thanks @KlzXS)
  • changed the key to size sort to z
  • additional key ] to show command prompt
  • mount archives using archivemount
  • smoother double click handling
  • program option -R to disable rollover at edges
  • keybind collision checker (for custom keybind config) (thanks @annagrram)
  • show size of file in bytes in status bar in disk usage mode
  • pass unresolved path as second argument ($2) to plugin
  • mechanism for plugins to control active directory
  • all binary questions are confirmed by y or Y
  • plugin changes
    • some plugins renamed
    • integrated shellcheck in CI, POSIX-compliance fixes (thanks @koalaman)
    • getplugs - detect modifications in exiting plugin file (thanks @KlzXS)
    • drag-file & drop-file: drag & drop files using dragon
    • gutenread: browse, download and read from Project Gutenberg
    • suedit - edit file with superuser permissions
    • fzhist - fuzzy select commands from history, edit and run
    • fzcd - change to a fuzzy-searched directory
    • rename - batch rename directory or selection using qmv or vidir
    • pskill - fuzzy list a process or zombies by name and kill
    • exetoggle - toggle executable status of hovered file
    • treeview - informative tree output with file permissions and size
    • chksum - recursively calculate checksum for files in hovered directory
    • imgsxiv instructions added to browse and rename images
  • create link to current file
  • additional key ; to execute plugin
  • more explicit force removal message
  • force non-detachable internal edits in $EDITOR (option -E)
  • export current file as $nnn (instead of $NN)
  • fix file open failure from browser when configured as default FM
8 months ago