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nnn v2.5
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What’s new?

  • plugin support. 19 plugins added. Some are:
    • pdfview: view a PDF in pager
    • nmount: (un)mount a storage device
    • ndiff: file and directory diff for selection
    • hexview: view a file in hex
    • imgresize: batch resize images to desktop resolution
    • ipinfo: check your IP address and whois information
    • transfer: upload a file to
    • pastebin: paste the contents of a text file to
    • boom: play random music from a directory
    • nwal: set an image as wallpaper using nitrogen
    • pywal: set selected image as wallpaper, change terminal color scheme
    • getplugs: update plugins
  • SSHFS support
  • support bsdtar, simplify patool integration
  • native batch rename support (vidir dependency dropped) including selection
  • mouse support
  • new location for config files - ~/.config/nnn
    • plugin dir location: ~/.config/nnn/plugins
    • selection file .nnncp is now ~/.config/nnn/.selection
  • support configuration as the default file manager
  • per-context detail/light mode
  • case-insensitive version compare
  • shortcut to visit / - ` (backtick)
  • vim-like scrolloff support
  • ^D & ^U: scroll half page, PgDn & PdUp: scroll full page
  • fix selection across contexts
  • recognize Home and End keys at prompt for editing
  • fix broken program option -b
  • POSIX-compliant user-scripts (wherever possible)
  • NNN_SCRIPT is retired (replaced by plugins)
14 months ago