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nnn v2.4
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What’s in?

  • Tinier and lighter!
  • compliant trashing
  • mark selected entries with +
  • wild load (option -w, key ^W) for nav-as-you-type
  • POSIX-compliant GUI app launcher with drop-down menu (key =)
  • new scripts:
    • upload image to imgur
    • send selection to Android using kdeconnect-cli
  • show permissions in detail mode
  • cp, mv progress bar on Linux (needs advcpmv) [BSD, macOS shows on ^T]
  • make libreadline an optional dep (reduces memory usage)
  • minimize the number of redraws
  • handle screen resize gracefully
  • option -d to show hidden files (NNN_SHOW_HIDDEN is removed)
  • additional key K to toggle selection
  • change visit start dir key to @
  • option -C to disable colors removed
  • per-context initial directory replaced by program start dir
  • marker msg when spawning new shell removed
  • rename debug file to nnndbg
16 months ago