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nnn v2.2
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What’s in?

  • (neo)vim plugin nnn.vim
  • macOS fixes
    • Fix issues with file copy, move, remove
    • Handle Del in rename prompt
    • Pass correct file option to identify mime
  • Support selection across directories and contexts
  • Offer option force before file remove
  • Keys Tab, ^I to go to next active context
  • Per-context directory color specified by $NNN_CONTEXT_COLORS
    • Option -c is removed
  • Option -C to disable colors
  • Choose script to run from a script directory
  • Run a command (or launch an application)
  • Run file as executable (key C)
  • Documentation on lftp integration for remote file transfers
  • Support a combined set of arguments to $EDITOR, $PAGER and $SHELL
  • Handle > 2 GB files on 32-bit ARM
  • Env var $DISABLE_FILE_OPEN_ON_NAV to disable file open on Right or l
  • NUL-terminated file paths in selection list instead of LF
  • Better support for Termux and Cygwin environments
  • Remapped keys
    • ^I - go to next active context
    • ^T - toggle navigate-as-you-type
19 months ago