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nnn v2.1
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What’s in?

  • Inclusion in several distros including Arch Linux official repo
  • Multiple contexts (aka tabs aka workspaces) [max 4]
  • Copy, move, remove selected files, remove current file
  • Leader key (like vim)
  • In-built GUI app launcher with up to 2 arguments (key o)
  • List copy selection (key y)
  • Env var NNN_NO_AUTOSELECT to disable dir auto-select
  • Key Esc exits prompt, ^L clears prompt
  • Program runtime help revamped
  • Static code analysis integration
  • gcc-8 warnings fixed
  • Remapped keys:
    • ^W - go to pinned dir
    • ^X - delete current entry
    • ^Q - quit program

What’s out?

  • nlay is retired (functionality built into nnn)
  • chdir prompt is retired
  • Env var NNN_NO_X retired, selection now works out of the box
  • Only single-char bookmark keys (to work with Leader key)
20 months ago