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nnn v1.2
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What’s in?

  • Use the desktop opener (xdg-open on Linux, open(1) on OS X) to open files
  • Option NNN_USE_EDITOR to open text files in EDITOR (fallback vi)
  • Bookmark support (maximum 10, key b)
  • Navigate-as-you-type mode (key Insert or option -i)
  • Subtree search: gnome-search-tool, fallback catfish (key ^/) (customizable)
  • Show current directory content size and file count in disk usage mode
  • Add detail view mode as default, use -l to start in light mode
  • Shortcuts F2 and ^L to refresh and unfilter
    Note: if filter is empty, Enter opens the currently selected file now
  • Help screen shows bookmarks and configuration
  • Show a message when calculating disk usage
  • Show the spawned shell level
  • Linux only: use vlock as the locker on timeout (set using NNN_IDLE_TIMEOUT)
3 years ago